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The Bristol Farm Story

The Bristol Farm Story

Bristol Farm is the culmination of trans-Tasman intellectual property lawyer and pinot noir aficionado Wayne Condon's 30-year obsession with the "heartbreak grape". For ten years Bristol Farm produced wine from a vineyard on the outskirts of Melbourne and even won a few gongs, but Wayne never forgot his Kiwi roots and long-contemplated setting up a New Zealand operation. His first choice was "Central" - an area of his homeland he had always admired for its beauty, alpine ruggedness, its people and most of all its pinot! It took a while to source the right vines and find a winemaker who understood the Bristol Farm philosophy (more on that anon), but things finally came together in 2013. Wayne met Brendan Seal almost by chance, and it became clear very soon afterwards that Brendan's winemaking philosophy was totally in tune with what Wayne had in mind for Bristol Farm in Central Otago.

Things kicked off with the 2013 vintage. This wine was made with fruit from a premium vineyard situated in the Chinaman's Terrace area of Bendigo. Chinaman's Terrace was given its name from the many Chinese miners that worked the gold claims in Bendigo in the 19th century. It is one of the oldest glacial terraces in Central Otago, and the wines made from grapes grown in the region tend to have good colour, structure and intensity, and so it is with the Bristol Farm Pinot Noir 2013. It was obvious early on that that the 2013 vintage was going to need time, so the wine was deliberately held back for late release - it is just now beginning to open and drink beautifully - but we are getting ahead of ourselves.

For the 2014 and subsequent vintages, we have been fortunate enough to source grapes from an exceptional vineyard site smack bang in the middle of the Bannockburn area of Central Otago where some of the biggest names in the New Zealand pinot firmament have their vineyards and wineries.

We are happy for a little of that to rub off!

So that is the story so far - it is early days and, as in life, we learn new things every day. A votre sante.

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